Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Streaming From a Hotel or Event Hall

Broadcasting from a hotel or event hall over their supplied Internet connection when can present special challenges. It’s harder to make your streaming work smoothly and seamlessly over uncertain and sometimes slow Internet connections than it is when you’re using reliable high-speed connectivity.
Not only is the facilities connection itself variable and often slow, but a hosted conference can mean multiple users on the same stream, further reducing the bandwidth and ultimately effective speed. This can result in buffering , signal lag, and even complete drop of the broadcast altogether.
There are some key steps event broadcasters can take to address this problem and ensure that your stream will work smoothly.

Video Buffering issues

“Buffering” is the stuttering or stopping of the video that happens while data is downloaded. Usually, you experience a spinning circle or an hourglass icon showing that buffering is occurring. Buffering occurs when the upload/download rate for the video data is too slow to support smooth display of the video. A few of the reasons why this could be happening:
A poor connection between the server and the video encoder
Slow Internet connection with insufficient upload speed ie; not enough bandwidth
An overburdened encoder
A poor connection on the viewer’s end

Both Poor and slow internet connection are the ones most likely be the issue live streaming from a hotel conference room. Both problems flow from the slow connections that are sometimes provided by hotels. This is why it is so important to speak with the hotel beforehand and make sure you can receive a dedicated hardwired connection so there is no other traffic on the bandwidth you are using to stream

Hotel Internet Connections

Hotels have varying speeds of connection available. Some are reasonably fast, others extremely slow. Most hotel Internet connections are significantly slower than what you can set up yourself under more controlled conditions.

Choosing a hotel with better than average connectivity is one thing you can do to improve your hotel conference video streaming.  A less impressive hotel may be the best choice in terms of Internet connectivity. On-line resources exist to rate this factor and you should consult them when picking a hotel to hold a conference. You can also run tests of internet connectivity using the cloud-based Testmy.net software. As a rule, you should run three separate tests and average the results to get a baseline connection speed.

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