Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5 Great Advantages of Live Streaming

  1. Live streaming events are growing rapidly... Rightfully so!!
  2. Here are a few things you can benefit from with live streaming.

  3. 1. Live Streaming Expands Reach
  4.     Streaming a live event provides an oportunity to connect in new ways. You can reach people who could not otherwise attend your event in person, which then typically translated to positive membership or new customers.

  5. 2. Live Streaming Boosts Engagement
  6.     Live events are compelling for users. The average live stream is viewed as much as 10 times longer than on-demand.

  7. 3. The Live Experience Has Drastically Changed
  8.      Live streaming now provides a better user experience than ever. Over the last 15 years, we've gone from low-resolution, stuttering viewing experiences on desktop computer monitors to HD streaming on computers screens, mobile devices and connected TV's.
  10. 4. Huge Cost Savings For Attendees
  11.     Now individuals outside the city or state of the event are more likely to attend because of reduced cost of travel and lodging. This in turn expands your audience and customer base as well as increasing your revenue stream.

  12. 5. Hassle Free
  13.     Allowing a company such as Chisel Multimedia  to run your live streaming event lifts all of the burden and pressure off of you and your company.  You can concentrate on presenting your proprietary content. We handle all of the technical aspects to ensure a smooth flawless event.

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